Sponsor Us - Become A Patron



Your sponsorship is an investment:

  1. It's an investment in us and our charity program.
  2. It's an investment in small businesses both locally and worldwide who are the beneficiaries of your kindness.
  3. Lastly - it's an investment in yourself via the benefits that come with your sponsorship as well as the good PR that comes with sponsoring charities.
    • Don't forget, you can publicize your sponsorship on your own website / social media / etc..!

The Patron level of Sponsorship is broken in to four (4) tiers, each with their own progressively larger list of benefits to better reflect the investment made.

  1. Benefactor (Formerly Platinum) - $5,000
  2. Advocate (Formerly Gold) $2,500
  3. Supporter (Formerly Silver) $1,000
  4. Well-Wisher (Formerly Bronze) $500