Program Membership - Subscription Tier 2 - Growth Level


Congratulations on choosing to join our program! We're THRILLED to have you onboard, and we hope that you too are thrilled with your Springboard program experience!

As a reminder, this subscription is a monthly recurring charge in lieu of large up front website development costs. Your subscription to the program replaces many thousands of dollars in upfront fees with a single, fair, low-cost, monthly fee for the website we built for you.

Example: Instead of a $5,000 website build project invoiced and paid up front, you pay nothing up front for design and build services. You instead pay $50/month. At that rate it'd cost $600/year, and take just over 8 years to equal the same cost.

Keep in mind that businesses with multiple locations where it is determined the best approach is for each location to have it's own website for things such as inventory control or location specific ordering would require each location to have it's own subscription.

For example: A restaurant has 5 locations - it's best each location has it's own site, and therefore would require 5 subscriptions.